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"to be the master of the last play of the game"


About us

Our services are offered with inspiration, pride and checked for quality and originality and meticulously tailormade to fit customer needs.Our services is very unique in the sense of affordability to cater for every need.The reason for our services was purely establish for the poorer communities from which I can proudly say my roots are from. Go to our contact page and drop us an email and forward your request.

For Free, for life

All you need to do is forward us your email address on which you want to receive faxes. Apply now for your own personal freefax number and receive faxes in your email inbox just as a normal email. Registration is free. SignUp here
LTE Data deals

Cheaper by the gig

Our LTE data deals compares with the lowest price range against other service providers and counts as one of the flagship products on the Kiebo platform.See our pricelist and decide for yourself.
Quote sourcing

Our best serves your request

Here at Kiebo we help our clients with the best possible solution and will source for the lowest quote on any requested quote.We promise not to compromise on quality and value.We will even inform you what service provider to select on your requested product or service.
Business advice

Web based services

We advice all our clients on business solutions and provide these services free of charge.We help NPO organizations and Community entities with their operational needs and act as back office support when required.

Our Services

To Accelerate Business Innovation in
striving to connect People, Information & Devices
    Free Fax2email
    Motivational sessions and Business Solutions
    Pain relief gel & health products
    Sport coaching and Fitness programs
    Website advertising & Technology consumables
    Cellphone airtime & Mobile Data
    Quote sourcing (Travel,Accommodation, Products etc.)
    Business advice and support

Data deals
The modern day customer is innovative, in tune with new technologies, willing to take calculated business risks, and understands why technology exists - to enable the business. It is with this that today's customer understands and embraces mobility.
Web based products
Our web based products range from webdesign and hosting to Technology products, gadgets,smartphones and Laptop Computers.Whatever tech device you need we will be able to cater for your need.We do not cmpromise on quality.
Facilitator workshop
We offer teambuilding excursions for teams and groups at minimal rates. Whatever your need we will be more than happy to assist.Request a quote and discuss your needs with us. You will always count on our mentorship to get your team working together.
Quote sourcing
We do quote sourcing on your behalf with regards to products, travel and accommodation and will also furnish transactions on your behalf.You will be able to look through the quote in the comfort of your own private space and will advice us on further instruction

Our Mission and Vision


To value the precise need of our clients and cater for it to the point of customer satisfaction treating them as our own so that their shortcomings and expectations can be met at every level determining their challenges to enhance future services.


The vision is to empower the less privilege with networking solutions which include but are not limited to our business operations. We encourage our customer base to share our solutions with friends and family and by doing so strenghten the services and support we offer. We want to within the next five years be the no 1 networking solutions service provider for the rural communities.

Mobile Internet data

Our Mobile Internet data is the latest data solution added to our connectivity range. It is LTE ready and powered by the MTN and Cell C Networks that has widespread SA coverage with No Contracts and No Hidden Costs There are No connection fees or monthly premiums involved which gives you total freedom of choice. No Surprise Bills whilst all is pre-paid or pay as you go. Out of Bundle data rates don't apply. Just Top-Up your account by calling our Support when you run out. Data only SIM Cards from Standard, Micro or Nano, no matter which SIM card your device needs, we've got you covered. Totally Unshaped and no prioritisation of any traffic. We're totally unshaped which means a better, faster connection. Awesome for MTN Subscribers, even the other network users uses it as add on to their current connection (because it's so cheap) Want to use our Mobile Data on your Existing MTN Contract SIM? Simply use our APN option when signing up. Our Network is LTE ready, we will enable your SIM to be LTE enabled to get the absolute best speeds available. Don't hesitate,connect now.You only pay once a successful connection is established. Why, wait,see for yourself.Request a pricelist now and select your deal.

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Kiebo Inspired Solutions welcomes your pre-sales questions regarding our services and goods, or any other inquiries you might have. Please use the button below to contact us with any questions or concerns you might have. Once submitted, your inquiry will be assigned to a support representative.